Our Prater in Vienna

Between 1910/11 and 1927/28 Urania dedicated over 300 repertory lectures and pupil lectures with slides and films to the Vienna Prater, whereby the titles of the lectures and the pictures shown varied according to the season or focus. The lectures entitled “Our Prater in the Spring”, “Our Prater in the Autumn”, “Our Prater throughout the Seasons (with kinematograms)”, “Our Prater (Entertainment Park) accompanied by slides, songs and films” often proved a good opportunity to document this pulsating hub of pleasure and entertainment – among others also by prominent photographers such as Emil Mayer, who especially understood how to capture the lively enthusiasm and joyful anticipation of the children at the Punch and Judy Show.

Old Branch of the Danube

Artist Painting on a Meadow

View of the Prater

Fisherman at the “Praterspitz” (section of the Danube)

Group of Fishermen

Good Catch!

On the Prater Meadow

Children’s Games

Food Sellers

Flower Sellers

“Planet” Sellers (lottery tickets)

Ferris Wheel

View from Ferris Wheel (Picture 1)

View from Ferris Wheel (Picture 2)

In front of the III. Coffee House

At the “Wurstelprater” Entertainment Park

At the Pantomime

The Caller

The Excited Audience

Young Spectators at the Wurstelprater

Spectators at the Punch and Judy Show