The Magic of the Tropics

The slideshow “The Magic of the Tropics: A Walk through the Equatorial Regions of Africa, Asia, Australia and America” was compiled by Dr. Friedrich Umlauft, Professor for Geography at the Teacher Training Academy in Vienna and Director of Urania Wien. It comprised 120 hand-painted glass transparencies and two large paintings, the latter enabling the lecture to be turned into a type of “scientific theatre”, during which stage elements were included in the delivery of the lecture. This lecture was presented by Urania Wien as a repertory lecture between 1899 and 1910.


Date Harvest

Women Fetching Water from the River Nile

Band of Musicians from Okwawu

Street in Mumbai (Bombay)

Rock Temple on Elephant Island

Varanasi (Benares) on the River Ganges

Group of Indian Children

Hut in Mumbai (Bombay)

Coconut palms in India

Elephants trained for Riding in India

Darjeeling in the Himalayas

Chini and its Mountains in the North Western Himalayas

Landscape near Kandy on Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

Canal in Canton

Flower Boat in Canton

Sugar Cane Plantation with Ferry Boat

Manila River Section and Port

Nipa-Houses on the Philippines

Tantam from the New Hebrides

Spear Dance in the Bismarck Archipelago